A Unified Toolset to Decrease Overhead & Grow Your Dental Practice

Take your practice to the next level by closely controlling your metrics, managing your sales, and masterminding with like-minded successful dentists.

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“Oversee has helped me get better control over the office expenses and physically see where it is going.”

Kim White

Regional Manager

Ensure consistent performance and reduced overhead

More and more dentists are struggling to keep up with the mounting overhead.

Many dentists keep track of a few KPIs (key performance indicators), however, very few know their actual overhead statistics in real-time throughout the month.

The problem is that any budgets or analysis you do are based on the prior month’s statistics, and each month is different.

That’s why you should track these numbers in real-time. If you are waiting until the next month to analyze your overhead, you’re far too late.

Oversee Dental gives your practice the capability to track all of your overhead as the expenses actually occur and compare that to national benchmarks. This allows you to make present-time adjustments to any expense category so that you can stay under your overall goal overhead percentage.

Increase Sales & Decrease Costs

To be truly successful, you must monitor both your overhead and sales, connect with like-minded flourishing dentists & educate yourself on dentistry, selling, and running your company.


Monitor both your overhead and prospective sales opportunities, allowing you to increase production while also staying below your goal overhead percentage.


Connect with like-minded successful dentists who provide targeted, actionable advice on what works and doesn't work in your practice.


Get access to systems, tools, and strategies. Learn what it takes to drive maximum return on your investment through our educational content & social platform.

Reduce stress and maximize profits

by having a CRM system designed specifically for a dental practice

Client retention and a concrete sales process is the key to success. If you have a solid relationship with your patients and can predictably get them to accept treatment, you can rest assured that your practice will consistently expand.

Oversee Dental overcomes these challenges by focusing specifically on the dental sales process, the patient purchasing stages, and communication cycles with both the sales team and the patients.

Keep track of your patient’s sales process, communicate with them in the most efficient way possible, automatically remind your sales team and more.

A platform packed with features to achieve all your practice goals


Overhead Metrics

Track goals. Visualize, compare and monitor metrics and KPIs that drive growth for your practice.



Keep track of your patients, communicate with them in the most efficient way possible, manage reminders with the sales team and more.



Chat, post, mastermind, participate in groups and share tips with other dentists to help each other succeed.



Guides, best practices, and tips to discover new opportunities, grow faster and help systemize your team for a more efficient practice.


John C. Adams

DMD, NKO Dental

“Oversee made a huge impact in our practice and I'm sure it will for you as well.”

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Lauren A. Carter

DDS, Vibe Dental Group

“The CRM really helps us to make sure that we're doing the best thing for our patients.”

02 / 03

Kimmy B.

Office Manager, Owens Dental

“It's really been helpful for us because we are able to keep better track of everything.”

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