Chat, post, mastermind, participate in groups and share tips with other dentists to help each other succeed.

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“Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress,

and working together is SUCCESS.” - Henry Ford

The social component of Oversee Dental is designed to bring like-minded people within our profession together to share, collaborate, and grow together. We believe that we can truly change the world when we come together to make our profession better for our patients, staff members, and dentists.

Social media style chat. This is designed to share ideas, ask questions, celebrate wins, and share ways to improve with our colleagues in a constructive and fun manner. We want to bring all the advantages of social media to our customers while avoiding many of the negative aspects.

Private messaging. This is designed to allow members to connect on issues that might not be pertinent to the entire group. This can include employees of the same office communicating privately with each other, or staff members of other office teams communicating with those outside their organization and employed by another dental office.