Keep track of your patients, communicate with them in the most efficient way possible, manage reminders with the sales team and more.

What is CRM software? CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” This includes improving patient relationships, maximizing revenue potential, streamlining the patient experience, and delivering customized communications with the patient and within the practice.

Why do we need CRM software? “There are only two ways to make money: increase sales and decrease costs.” - Fred DeLuca. CRM is the component of Oversee Dental that helps you increase sales and revenues.

CRM allows automation with patients that did not close the sales cycle while in the office. Automate reminders and emails with patients to make sure their dental treatment stays at the front of their minds, even after leaving the office. Patients must know that we care about their dental health and the treatment we recommend.

Automate reminders with in-office financial coordinators and sales team to make sure that they are following up with the patients about treatment. This maximizes efficiency within the walls of your practice.

Communications and emails can be customizable so that they fit with your personal style, personality, and the culture of your individual practice.

Communications are customized for the patient based on where they are within the sales cycle. Are they right on the cusp of proceeding with treatment? Or do they require more education and communication to move them towards making the right decision for their health?

Thousands of businesses across 100’s of industries use CRM software for customer management. Our software is customized specifically for the dental industry. It is designed with improving patient care and patient health at its heart. We understand the patient’s psyche as they move through the sales process and what it takes to get patients to accept the treatment that you have recommended. Ultimately, it is our goal as a dentist to improve health by getting patients to do the work that we have suggested. This software is designed to help the patient through the sales process and reach the ultimate goal of improving their health.